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What to expect at Odyssey Life Center

At OLC we work to keep life interesting and fun for our autistic clients. We know that everyone is unique and our staff works to discover what makes each client special and then gives them the person-centered care they deserve.

A day at OLC includes both group and individual activities. Building strength and energy levels while doing fun projects, using computer-based programs, enjoying music, having an afternoon treat, and participating in outings are all part of a typical day. Each new day offers more engaging things to do. Our talented staff uses creativity to come up with the perfect project to match individuals’ unique interests and background. Although meals are not provided, there is a lunch room with appliances to cook or reheat food, and snacks are offered throughout the day.

Assistance to OLC clients who have mobility issues or other physical limitations or a need for help in the rest room is always provided with care and sensitivity. Striving to create a sense of wellbeing for the clients we serve is our goal. Challenging behaviors such as wandering, confusion, agitation or mood swings are handled by our trained staff with skill and compassion.

OLC serves autistic clients who need assistance with the activities of daily living, which include but are not limited to: eating, toileting, transferring, and administrating medication. The program curriculum is tailored to fit the client’s functional skills per their intake packet and through observations during program hours. Based on their goals, desires, wants, and needs the adult client has control over the services that are provided and the freedom to choose the daily scheduled activities. There is a monthly schedule with a list of activities that clients may participates; this is subject to change due to external circumstances or to accommodate the needs of the client. The client’s interest and goals are our primary objective, and we provide the appropriate support needed to help him/her achieve his/her goals. Once the schedule is set for the day, the client will choose the activities that they prefer to participate in.

OLC Staff are trained to implement incident prevention, incident minimization, physical management, and post incident procedures. The physical safety of the client and staff are central to our program guidelines. The purpose of this training is to reduce challenging behavior in the least restrictive environment. In compliance with Title 17, section 50515, Restraints shall not be used on any person with a developmental disability unless: The is full compliance with the requirements of Title 22, California Administrative Code, Section 80403(f) and any other applicable licensing regulations, and where such use does not continue for any period longer than that necessary to control the behavior for which such restraint is employed.

The client has a right to be free from harm, including unnecessary physical restraint, or isolation.

OLC Facts:

Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00am to 3:00pm

  • Located in Folsom, California
  • Can accommodate up to 30 adults daily
  • Staff to client ratio is 1:3
  • Over 3400 sq. ft. facility
  • 515 behavior management program
  • Open 9am to 3pm daily
  • CA Title 17 and 22 compliant
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